5mC interactions in PDB entry 5BT2 auto-curated with SNAP

Last updated on 2019-09-30 by Xiang-Jun Lu <xiangjun@x3dna.org>. The block schematics were created with DSSR and rendered using PyMOL.

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DNA binding protein-DNA
X-ray (2.2 Å)
Mecp2 mbd domain (a140v) in complex with methylated DNA
List of 2 5mC-amino acid contacts:
  1. B.5CM8: stacking-with-A.ARG111 is-WC-paired is-in-duplex [+]:AcG/cGT
  2. C.5CM33: stacking-with-A.ARG133 is-WC-paired is-in-duplex [-]:cGG/CcG
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Chia, J.Y., Tan, W.S., Ng, C.L., Hu, N.J., Foo, H.L., Ho, K.L.: (2016) "A/T Run Geometry of B-form DNA Is Independent of Bound Methyl-CpG Binding Domain, Cytosine Methylation and Flanking Sequence." Sci Rep, 6, 31210-31210.

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List of 2 5mC-amino acid contacts [summary · schematics · top · homepage · tutorial]

No. 1 B.5CM8: download PDB file for the 5mC entry
stacking-with-A.ARG111 is-WC-paired is-in-duplex [+]:AcG/cGT
No. 2 C.5CM33: download PDB file for the 5mC entry
stacking-with-A.ARG133 is-WC-paired is-in-duplex [-]:cGG/CcG